Basic Toshiba Strata Features And Use

Published on November 17, 2007 by in Toshiba

To Make An Outgoing Call:

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Press any available CO line button (or PL button)
  3. Listen for dial tone.
  4. Dial the desired telephone number
  5. Hang up when the call is completed

To Make An Intercom Call

  1. Leave the handset on-hook
  2. Press the INT button
  3. Dial the desired station number
  4. Lift the handset to converse
  5. Hang up when the call is complete

To Transfer A Call

  1. While connected to an outside call, press the CONF/TRSF button
  2. Dial the station number to which the call is to be transferred
  3. If the station is idle: Announce the call and hang up
  4. If the called Strata phone is busy: Hang up or press the CO Line to reconnect to the outside caller

To Hold A Call

  1. While connected to a CO line or intercom call, press the HOLD button
  2. To reconnect the call, press the CO or intercom button on hold

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