NEC DSX 22B Display Tel Manuals

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DSX 22B Display Tel Multibutton Telephone User Guide – The Multibutton Telephone User Guide is  the guide shipped with each 22B Display Tel and 34-button 3-line display telephone.

DSX 22B Display Tel Feature Guide – This handbook provides a description and detailed operation chart for the NEC DSX 22B Display and NEC DSX 34B Display telephone features.

NEC Intramail Programming Guide – Use this handbook for a description and detailed operation chart for each DSX IntraMail voice mail feature.

NEC DSX Programming Manual – This manual covers every aspect of programming the NEC DSX telephone system.

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Start by cutting off about a 12 inch piece of 1 pair cross connect wire or some other type of phone wire.  The length isn’t really important, just give yourself enough to work with.

Next you will need an RJ45 crimp on plug and a RJ45 crimping tool.

The pin-out for a T1 loop back is pin 1 to pin 4 and pin 2 to pin 5.  Take one side of your wire and insert it into pin 1 on the RJ45 plug. Bend that name wire over and insert the other end into pin 4.  Now take the second pair of you wire and insert one end into pin 2.  Bend this wire over and insert the other end into pin 5.  Give this plug a good crimp with your RJ45 crimping tool.

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Changing the time on a NEC DSX

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How do I change the time and date has to be one of the number one questions we get. Luckily its a piece of cake!

  1. All you need to do is find extension 300
  2. With the handset down press # 8 3 (#TD)
  3. Enter the hour, minute and seconds (if you want to be precise) and press the hold button
  4. Next enter the day, the month and the year (4 digits)
  5. Press the speaker button.

This will change the time and date on all of your phones! On some systems you may not have an extension 300 or the class of service might have been changed. If that is the case you need to log into system programming and change the time and date through installer level programming.

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Directed Call Pickup on NEC DSX

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You can answer calls that are ringing at a co-workers phone.  All you need to do is press the INTERCOM key,

Then press * *

Then dial the extension numnber that is ringing.

Example: Intercom * * 305

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