UX 5000 PC Assistant Speed Dial

The PC Assistant provides easy access to the most common functions provided by a NEC UX5000 telephone. By using this application, users can easily manage their call handling tasks without having to switch their attention between the UX5000 telephone and PC.

To Program speed dial numbers in your PC Assistant follow these steps:

1.) Press File
2.) Choose Directory from the drop down menu
3.) Click on the personal icon
4.) Click on the new icon
5.) Choose company or entry and enter the contact information
6.) Click OK

You can now call that contact by right clicking on the name and choosing dial.

preview image

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NEC has released a new software version for the UX5000 telephone system.  Among the new features is the long awaited ability to do VoIP networking and remote keysets with NAT Transversal.  Previously a VPN connection was required for a remote VoIP keyset to access the NEC UX5000 telephone system.

Highlights of the NEC UX5000 software version 3 include:

Software NAT Traversal / NAPT (Network Address Port Traversal)
This software, which requires a NAT license, provides the ability to establish communication
with the UX5000 and RTP communication among UX5000 multibutton IP terminals through
Network Address Translation (NAT) on an IP network. With NAT Traversal there is no need to
have a VPN connection for an outside UX IP terminal user to be able to access the UX5000.

Caller ID Pass-Through for Mobile Extension Calls
With previous operation, an incoming trunk call into the UX5000 routed back out to a Mobile
Extension user would show the Caller ID information from the UX5000 – not the outside trunk.
With this enhancement, a call routed over an ISDN, SIP or analog trunk to a Mobile Extension
will now display the Caller ID information from the original outside call.

Analog Trunk Support Added for Mobile Extension
Mobile Extension over analog trunks is supported in this release.

Upload/Download of Voice Prompts/Messages
For the UX-IntraMail, the ability to upload/download the voice prompts has been added. This
feature enables uploading/downloading of audio files in PCM format (WAV file) to the Compact
Flash card in the IntraMail via UserPro/AdminPro. The user can backup or playback recorded
greetings on a PC or install greetings/MOH. (Note: Regular IntraMail/VRS messages are
recorded in ADPCM format which cannot easily be opened on the PC.)

ISDN: Caller ID Name on Outgoing Calls
It is now possible for outgoing ISDN calls to show the Caller ID name. With previous software,
only the number could be sent.

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UX5000 PCPro

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This is the NEC UX5000 PCPro Software version 3.0. It should only be used by a certified NEC UX5000 technician.


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Start by cutting off about a 12 inch piece of 1 pair cross connect wire or some other type of phone wire.  The length isn’t really important, just give yourself enough to work with.

Next you will need an RJ45 crimp on plug and a RJ45 crimping tool.

The pin-out for a T1 loop back is pin 1 to pin 4 and pin 2 to pin 5.  Take one side of your wire and insert it into pin 1 on the RJ45 plug. Bend that name wire over and insert the other end into pin 4.  Now take the second pair of you wire and insert one end into pin 2.  Bend this wire over and insert the other end into pin 5.  Give this plug a good crimp with your RJ45 crimping tool.

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While the NEC UX5000 phone or softphone associated with the UX Desktop is idle click on the file button  (to see a larger image click on picture).

NEC UX DESKTOP file button

Click on the preferences button.

NEC UX Desktop Preferences

Click on the Shortcuts Tab in the NEC Desktop Preferences window.

UX Desktop Shortcuts

Click the Enable Highlighted Dial Feature and Automatically Initiate Dialing box to un-select them.

UX Highlighted Dial Feature

Click OK and then restart the NEC UX5000 Desktop (in some cases you may have to reboot the entire computer).

Verify the feature is disabled.

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I can call from Outlook using the drop down NEC UX Desktop option when the contact is closed and I right click on it, but if the contact is open and I use the Call option it won’t dial. Gives me a message” Pick up receiver and click on talk tab”. Then the error message is “no dial tone detected”. This happens on laptop and desktop.


Open the contact and click on the telephone/call Icon.

outlook call

A window should open that says NEW CALL.

UX5000 Outlook New Call

Click on the Dialing Options.

Another Window should open that says Dialing Options.

Click the drop down that says “Connect using line”

NEC CTI Client Device
Choose the option that says NEC CTI Device.

Click OK

Then click START CALL.

You should only have to do this once.

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From time to time I will get a call from a customer saying there is music coming out of the speaker of the telephone. This is the back ground music or B.G.M.

Normally this happens when a customer for get to pick up an outside line before making a phone call.

The solution is easy. On that phone press the call 1 key and then dial 825. This code should turn it off.

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The APR provides an analog interface for a NEC UX5000 keyset. The APR provides ringing which allows the connected device to be used for incoming and outgoing calls.  It can use the same extension number as the keyset (B1 channel) or it can have its own extension number (B2 channel).

The APR does not support reverse polarity, message waiting lamping, or Caller ID.

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The NEC UX5000 SLT Adapter converts a digital port from a digital station card into an analog port which can be used for connecting on-premise 2500 type single line devices (i.e., telephones, fax machines, modems, etc.).

Caller ID is supported by these adapters.

The SLT Adapter provides the ring generator circuit used by the analog device. The unit provides constant current which is fixed at 47 mA. Each SLT Adapter requires its own digital port.

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NEC UX5000 Demonstrations and Tutorials

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WebPro Demonstrations

nec ux5000 webpro icon

Changing the name of a telephone extension

Click on the image for a brief tutorial on how to change the name of a telephone extension using the NEC UX5000 Webpro interface.


nec ux5000 webpro icon

Programming speed dial numbers

Click on the image to the left to watch a brief tutorial on programming speed dial numbers using the NEC UX5000 Webpro interface.


UX5000 Desktop Suite Demonstrations

NEC UX5000 Desktop Suite

PC Attendant

A brief demonstration on the UX5000 PC Attendant layout. This tutorial shows the extension layout, department groups, speed dials and adding a note to an intercom call.


NEC UX5000 Desktop Suite

Call Processing – PC Attendant

This is a brief tutorial showing an incoming call being answered, placed on hold and then terminated using the NEC UX5000 PC Attendant.


InDepth ACD Software


Line Status Window

Brief sample and explanation of the Line Status window for the NEC UX5000 ACD package. Shows line number, call type, status change and destination number.

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