NEC Aspire

NEC AspireEmergent is an authorized NEC Aspire telephone system dealer in the Orlando, Central Florida region. Our technicians are factory trained and have over 30 years experience installing, programming and maintaining phone systems. If your in the Central Florida, Orlando area and need help with your NEC Aspire phone system call Emergent! Aspire lets your organization benefit from the potential cost-saving advantages of IP even if you’re not ready to migrate to 100% IP Telephony immediately. That’s because Aspire gives you a choice: You can deploy traditional circuit-switched technology, VoIP or a combination, all from one system! You have the freedom to adopt VoIP when and where you need it.

The fact that Aspire can function in and support a “hybrid” network with traditional digital/analog switching, IP/TDM/IP switching and pure peer-to-peer IP switching means that users can continue to utilize their existing equipment while they begin to phase in IP Telephony and lay the foundation for current and future networks. Using Aspire you can reduce the cost of business by:

  • Reduced Costs of Peer-to-Peer IP Connectivity
  • Maintaining one network rather than two
  • Bypass the long distance carrier by sending voice calls over the data network
  • Single cable termination to the desktop
  • Reduced brick and mortar expenses by deploying main office features to remote personnel

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Aspire IPAspire IP
VoIP is the technology that transmits voice signals on a digital data network using a single cable connected to all terminals. Ideal for networking offices that might be outside of the Central Florida, Orlando region with your office in Orlando. It allocates signal space as needed instead of in dedicated time slots giving it the potential to be more efficient. VoIP provides many advantages.

Connectivity – Connect from anywhere. Reduce brick and mortar expenses by deploying main office operations at remote locations.

Mobility – Work from anywhere. Connect to the office telephone, a branch office, hotel room or anywhere with high speed IP access to the office telephone system.

Lower Communication Costs – Offers the potential to lower long distance telephone costs by using the IP network instead of the telephone company switched network.

Maintenance Efficiency – IP telephony can reduce the expense of telephone moves, adds and changes (MAC). Aspire offers web based system programming and monitoring to reduce administration costs.

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aspire mailAspire Mail DMS
In addition to powerful Voice Mail and Automated Attendant features, the new Aspire Mail DMS also offers the latest Desktop Messaging and Desktop Call Control technology. Aspire Mail DMS Desktop Messaging integrates your voice mailbox with your email inbox. Desktop Call Control is a Windows application that intercepts Automated Attendant calls to your extension, provides a screen pop identifying the caller, and offers call handling options.

Consolidate message sources – Increase productivity by consolidating your phone messages and email messages into one location. Prioritize messages and respond to customers and co-workers more quickly.

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aspire conference bridgeConference Bridge
The Aspire Conference Bridge is another of the Aspire IP solutions. Connecting to your data network, the conference bridge allows you the ability to schedule, host or participate in a conference call with ease and efficiency. In house conference systems are no longer luxuries or reserved for big business.

Reduce Costs – Owning a conferece bridge eliminates the ongoing costs of using outside vendors to host conference calls.

Increased Security – Owning your own conference bridge helps keep your conference calls secure and confidential.

Simple Interface – Using the Graphical User Interface (GUI), the conference host has the ability to schedule an immediate conference or pre-schedule a conference up to a year in advance. The host has the ability to enter email addresses and send notifications and instructions.

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aspire ACDAdvanced Automatic Call Distribution
Aspire’s Advanced ACD helps you manage your company’s most valuable resource – it’s employees, while helping to improve service for your most valuable assest – your customers.

Essential ACD Agent Features – Aspire ACD ensures agents have time for important record keeping before sending additional calls. Supervisors can monitor, join or intercept calls.

Detailed Queue Status – Queue status displays can be set to show continuously on a supervisor’s telephone or after a keypress on an agents phone.

Guidance For Callers – Aspire ACD keeps callers informed with prerecorded messages during peak traffic periods.

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WEB PRO – UserPro is a program embedded in the Aspire system that lets you use your PC browser to set up features in your telephone. Just type in the IP address of your system, enter your user name and password, and your ready for the convenience of UserPro.

User Level (UB)
The UB access level is the mode for most users and lets you to set up Function Keys, Call Forward, Extension Name, and Display Language.

UserPro Demo

Admin Level (UA)
The UA level, recommended for technicians, provides all the functions of the UA level in addition to more advanced settings such as setting the Time, Direct Inward Dial (DID) names, Night Mode patterns, and Music on Hold