NEC UX5000 Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) uniformly distributes calls among member agents of a programmed ACD Group. When a call rings into an ACD Group, the UX5000 automatically routes the call to the agent that has been idle the longest. If all agents are busy the caller is placed into a queue until an agent becomes available. While the caller is in the queue they typically hear music or a message on hold and a custom message such as:

“I’m sorry all agents are currently busy. Please remain on the line and your call will be answered as soon as an agent becomes available.”

ACD groups are commonly used for technical support departments and customer support departments but can be used in any situation where you have more telephone lines than employees.

Advanced Reporting

In addition to the call queue ACD groups typically give you advanced reporting and feedback about calls into the ACD group. Longest time in queue, number of calls in queue and agents that are on ACD calls vs. non-ACD calls are just a few of the real-time statistics that can be shown. These tools allow you to assess whether more agents or lines are needed for your business.



Brief sample and explanation of the Line Status window for the NEC UX5000 ACD package. Shows line number, call type, status change and destination number.