The Benefits Of SIP Trunking

Put your telephone service monthly savings toward the monthly finance cost of your new telephone system by implementing SIP lines.

SIP trunks or lines are just like PRI or plain old telephone lines (POTS), except better.  They take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to lower your monthly cost for telephone lines.  They also offer significant productivity benefits such as numbers with area codes for other states, automatic fail over, direct inward dial (DID) numbers and Unlimited local and long distance plans.

Establish A Local Presence In Any Remote Market
Remote market numbers let you purchase phone numbers in locations other than where you are physically located.

Business Continuity
Fail over routing provides advanced, instant redundancy by automatically redirecting all inbound calls to an alternate phone number in the event of a power failure, network outage or disaster.

Quality of Service
All potential customers are required to run and PASS a multi-day VoIP Bandwidth Analytics Test to validate that the their network can successfully run VoIP traffic at acceptable quality thresholds.

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