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Strata DK PhoneStrata DK24, DK56, and DK96 Toshiba models are very similar in design. The DK24 can be configured for up to 8 CO Lines and 32 Stations, the Strata DK56 can be configured for 20 CO lines and 56 Stations, and the Strata DK96 up to 96 stations and 35 CO lines. All 3 Toshiba Phone Systems used the same keysets: 6015 H phones, 6020-H phones, Toshiba 6010-H telephones, Toshiba 6010-S phones, 6510-S telephone, 6020-SD telephones.

If you are in the Central Florida/Orlando region and need help with your Toshiba Telephone System please don’t hesitate to call us at 407-834-2700. Our technicians are experienced on most Toshiba Phone Systems.

Strata DK24D, DK56 & DK96 Release 2
Each phone is equipped with a dial pad, 14 or 24 feature buttons, a speaker with volume control, a ringer volume control, and a handset. Four buttons have fixed assignments: SPKR (speaker), MIC (microphone), CONF/TRANS (transfer) and HOLD. The remaining 10 or 20 buttons are assigned flexibly as CO buttons, or as access buttons for various features.

CO Incoming Call – A slow flash rate (1/2 sec. on – 1/2 sec. off) indicates the CO/PBX line on which a call is ringing.

Conference – A very fast flash rate (10 impulses per second (IPS)) indicates the CO line presently in the conference mode. Other Toshiba Strata DK phones’ LEDs also show a steady (busy) indication for these lines.

Exclusive Hold – A very fast flash rate (10 IPS) indicates the CO line is placed on Exclusive Hold at the holding station. The LED is on steady (busy) on all other Strata DK phones.

Hold Recall – A quick flash rate matching the tones (2 IPS for 1 sec.-10 IPS for 1 sec.) reminds a station which line has been on hold for the programmed period of time.

Intercom Call – A pulsating on/off flash rate (10 IPS for 1 sec. on and 1 sec. off) appears on the INT LED at the telephone that is being called.

In-Use – A steady, double flash rate (2 sec. on-1/8 sec. off-1/8 sec. on-1/8 sec. off) indicates the CO line presently in use at the station that originated the call. Other Strata stations’ LEDs are on steady for that time.

On Hold – A fast (4 IPS) flash rate (1/8 sec. on-1/8 sec. off) indicates the CO line placed on hold at the station. The LEDs of the CO line on hold flash at a medium rate at the other Toshiba phones.

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